Introduction to the Manufacturers–Mysenlan/Rusuoo/17K Brand

Hey you guys,Please let me introduce to our Manufacturers–SUZHOU BOHANG SPORTS CO.LTD,The brand Mysenlan,Rusuoo and 17K

SUZHOU BOHANG SPORTS CO.LTD(abbreviation:BOHANG Sports) is a franchise cycling equipment manufacturers. The main products are bicycle riding clothes, riding pants, helmet, glasses, gloves, and other riding equipment. Company R & D, design, production, sales, in one, is equipped with modern and standardized operating strength of riding sports goods manufacturers. Products to improve the riding comfort of movement, reduce sports injuries, auxiliary promotion campaign back to the starting point, based on changes in riding limb movement, combined with sunlight, vibrant, elegant design features, integration of international best quality material resources and technology, and be demanding quality control for cycling sport to provide quality functional equipment, and provides boutique jersey customized services.

In the past: We confusion
In the past – China as the world’s factory of the environment
Our many years of OEM manufacturing process mastered the advanced professional production technology and functional sportswear sportswear R & D capabilities, as many brands of designated manufacturers for consumer and professional events around the world to provide sports equipment. But regardless of our manufactured products terminal is turned over several times the price of the dollar or the euro, we are all the same and some domestic foundries, holding only the most modest fees.

Today: We are starting
Today – in the context of innovative Chinese
We paid off, and establishing an independent design team to integrate the most quality materials and technology, through inclusive and independent research, to provide consumers with the highest cost of professional sports equipment.

We from a single manufacturing to R & D, production, processing, marketing transformation at the same time, we will inevitably witness Made in China to create a historic change! We can witness, China can! We design and planning their own future, a most fortunate than seeds fall on fertile ground, doggedly continue to survive, to take root!

Perseverance, dedication, innovation is our nature, we invite you to have the same qualities of cooperation, open up the future belongs to us.



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